Our approach

Our approach

At AKAS we have developed a 5-step approach to working with our clients and to tackling audience challenges

The 5-step approach to audience strategy development

Step 1: Engage
Step 1

We engage with our clients to understand their audiences, their strategic challenges, the universally held truths in their organisations and their goals.

Step 2: Assess
Step 2

We assess what the organisation already knows about its audiences and stakeholders, allowing us to identify knowledge gaps and develop hypotheses.

Step 3: Unearth
Step 3

We test the hypotheses we have generated and analyse data from (multiple) available sources, uncovering the implicit knowledge held within the organisation, and making it explicit.

Step 4: Develop
Step 4

We develop the audience and stakeholder story emerging from the insights unearthed about both, often juxtaposing different viewpoints in order to understand fully the context in which the organisation operates.

Step 5: Create
Step 5

We (co-)create business opportunities by bringing together the client’s needs and goals with the audience and stakeholder story we have developed.

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